Shock Rebuilders - What wt. Shock Fluid?

What weight shock fluid are you using?

I'm about 175-180lbs. all geared up if that matters.

Purchased a new shock bumper from White Bros., old one was ripped. New one sure feels stiffer when trying to compress it in my hand compared to the old one.

Thanks for the help,



I'm bias to using the KYB fluid that is imported by Enzo Racing. I did a lot of work with multiple fork fluids and found the KYB oil to be one of the best.

Note that they two oils are different. Contact Enzo or your dealer can get it via Parts Unlimited or White Brothers.

By the way, oil type and viscosity are not a consideration of rider weight. That's a function of spring, valving and nitrogen charging.

Let us know how it goes.



You can change the bottoming bumper without losing any oil. You will have to release the nitrogen pressure but you don't have to pull the shaft out of the shock. You can do it all from the clevis end.

:D Thanks for the shim #'s MXTUNER :) I'll be going into the shop for some government work tomorrow! :D

And where can I buy a better bottoming bumper?


Honda PN 52427-KZ4-901

This is that same bumper used on the '01 and '02 YZ shocks. It offers much better bottoming resistence, I think it retails for around 12 dollars.

Take Care, John

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