Bad Noises Wr 450f 2005 Engine (Ticking/Clacking)

Youtube Video Link. This is a bike I picked up over the winter. After checking out the top end (wrist pin, piston, cylinder all looked good) I noitced the intake cam was tight in the journals. Hard to spin with my hand when the cover bolts were snugged to finger tight, while the exhaust cam spun freely. There was with no other evidence of damage in the motor. So I bought a 2006 Yfz 450 intake cam and swapped it in there and I also put in new gaskets and re shimmed the valves before starting it back up and this is the sounded like. I double checked the valve clearances and timing before this video and the cam chain was tight. Right now I am at a loss as to what is causing the ticking noise and the rattle sound, the rattle sound was there before but the ticking sound is new. I am assuming the rattle sound could be the big end bearing worn out but I checked the conrod for up and down play and didnt notice any while I had it appart. I took it to my mechanic but he didn't have any idea as to what it was without taking it appart and said to just ride it. That is not a good idea in my opinion. Any of your input or knowledge is greatly appreciated.


Youtube Video Link:

Mine hasn't been touched and I think it rattels about like yours??? I don't know. 

I wouldn't start this bike again until I checked primary drive gear on right side of crankshaft. Sounds like the same noise on a 03 I worked on. That turned out to be primary drive nut coming loose. Destroying outer right side case and the splined washer behind came apart causing massive internal damage. Good luck.

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