needs a lot of gas when trying to start- 4stroke fuel injection

Hello to you all,


2013 KX450F - 350 hours on the motor and nothing needed to be done yet.  Still has massive amounts of power and it didn't progressively get worse.  Just one day I went to start it and it was very difficult.  I quickly realized that it wasn't get gas too easily.  Half throttle when you kick start and that works.  It wants to die when warming up if you don't keep the throttle twisted a bit.  Needs to run on a higher idle now.  I changed the spark plug and it was a little lean too - hence being starved of fuel.  Help

350 hours ??!!


You need a new top end, and a leak down test to see if the valves are still sealing 100%


Just because nothing blew up doesn't mean the motor isn't worn out......cause it will if you wait much longer....


Plus, if you do not filter your  gas before putting in in the tank, you are killing the fuel pump with dirt....which could also be the problem


Maybe you meant 35 hours ?

350 hours is the point where you replace the piston no matter what..

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