Identify these XR400 electrical components

I recently bought a used 1996 XR400 in pretty good shape.  It does have some electrical issues so I've started looking at the wiring. Can you guys identify these two components?


I'm guessing the larger gray one is a DC regulator/rectifier. Does anyone know who makes it? I'm not sure what the smaller Minks Electronics box is -- I can't find much information on Minks.


Thanks guys,





Pics 3 & 4 look like a rectifier, the first two look aftermarket.


Get a wiring diagam and match wire colours to your harness and you may get some insight on what a PO did to the bike.

Image 1 of 4 is a battery (left) and a non-stock part.  Since you have a battery, you probably have a street legal kit so I suspect that the item on the right side of image 1 of 4 is a flasher relay perhaps?


Image 2 of 4 is also non-stock.  It looks like a it might be a voltage regulator.


Image 3 of 4 looks like the stock rectifier.


Image 4 of 4 is a mystery.  I could not find those part numbers with a quick Google search


I recently got an XR400 that had a half-baked street legal kit with loads of dead-end wiring and nothing worked right so your photos look painfully familiar.  I started the bike up and began unplugging and removing one component at a time until the bike stopped running.  Once I stripped the bike down to its essential wiring/electrical components, it was much easier to match my bike's wiring to the factory wiring diagram. 



You can then rebuild your electrical system (preferably with new, known-good, components).

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Hey Chuck, thanks for the reply.  Pics 3 and 4 definitely match the wire colors of some regulator/rectifiers.  Pics 1 and 2 also match wire colors of some regulator/rectifiers like these Polaris ones.


I've cross referenced the Minks box with Polaris and came across this


Maybe one of the two is a DC regulato/rectifier and the other is an AC regulator?



Thanks for the reply, Jeff. I am tossing around the idea of completely redoing the electrical. Trying to reverse engineer what some dude did in his back yard 10 years ago is a pain.


Didn't the XR400 come stock with just an AC regulator? No rectifier?

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After excercising all of my Google Kung Fu, I came across this


So, the Minks Electronics module in pictures 1 and 2 is just a switch for the battery. It senses engine RPM from the stator and switches the battery output (through the switch) on when the engine is running and off when the engine isn't running.


Sounds like it performs just the switching function of all in one modules like this

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They don't look like XR400 electrical components.

Hey Rambler. Yeah, they're definitely not something I've come across while searching the web for XR400 regulators and rectifiers.


Do you guys recommend the Trail Tech Regulator/Rectifier for the XR400?

Shindengen makes the stock reg/recs for Honda and most other brands.  Use solder instead of crimp connectors.

Stock system has on pair of stator leads powering ignition and other pair to a finned ac regulator that so

Supplies ac regulated power to head and tail light

No rectifier on stock system

The better Baja designs unit has a a stator with 3 sets of outputs

Ignition just like stock

2nd pair to stock regulator to power head light only with a DC controlled relay to switch high vs low beam

3rd pair to add on regulator/rectifier and nicad battery's or capacitor for ballast all to supply DC regulated for all the other lights and horn

I ordered a Trail Tech R/R and am just going to go purely DC for now.  If in the future I upgrade the stator I may do an AC/DC setup.

I don't think you can run the CDI with DC.

I think the stock stator has two pairs of wires. One pair feeds the ignition system and the other pair fed the lighting system. I'll just use the second pair to feed my DC regulator/rectifier and the other pair will still feed the CDI.


I kind of misspoke. It won't be purely DC. The ignition will still be AC.  Only my lights and other accessories will be DC.

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Digger is correct, there is no rectifier on a stock XR so image 3 of 4 looks like the stock rectifier regulator.


It's definitely not worth trying to figure out somebody's hair-ball wiring job.  The speaker-wire that was used by the PO on my bike, destroyed any confidence I had that it was done right--so I started over.  I'm very glad I did.

I bought the Baja Designs kit.  A little pricy, but installation was a breeze and the quality of the components is reasonable.

Yeah that's what I was seeing on the wiring diagrams as well.  I don't think that's the stock regulator though. The stock reg.had a green, pink, yellow and white/yellow wires.  The regulator in pics 3 and 4 has yellow, yellow, black, and red.


Those Baja Designs kits look sweet! After looking at those kits, I'm 99% sure my bike has a Baja Designs kit installed. It looks like this kit


I might have to return the Trail Tech regulator and try to use the one in pics 3 and 4.

That's the same Baja Designs kit I put on my XR, but it has none of parts you show in your photos (and the battery is installed in the headlight assembly), so if you've got that BD kit (and not the older version of it), you might have a LOT of extra stuff on the bike that doesn't need to be there.


Start the bike up and unplug one thing at a time.  If you kill the bike, mark it as critical, plug it back in and move on to the next component.  If your bike is like mine, once you've tested every single connection, you'll have a mess of dead-ended cables and components you can safely remove.


If you do have the BD kit, the wiring is super simple:


 - One pair of wires from the stator to the headlight

 - One plug/harness from the headlight to the key

 - One plug/harness from the headlight to the tail-light/turn-signal assembly

 - One plug/harness from the headlight to the hydraulic brake sensor  


That's it.

Hey Jeff,  I'm wondering if I have an older kit.  I'll take some more pictures of the bike's headlight, taillight, etc. today at break time. 


What does your regulator/rectifier look like?


Do you run the stock stator with the Baja Designs kit?


EDIT: Here are the pictures.




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My BD kit looks exactly like the one at it's 121301RD for "red").  All of the components (relays, flashers, regulator, rectifier are pre-mounted and pre-wired inside the headlight.


It looks more like this with some subtle differences and my kit came with the newer (compact switch assembly) and ignition key--not the one shown below:



I'm running it off a 200w 6 pole stator (1 pair of wires to the ignition, 1 to the BD kit and 1 to the heated grips).

So you are running ac to your heated grips

I run one pair to stock ignition wiring

One pair to baja kit regulator rectifier

One pair to stock frame mounted regulator then to headlight bulb only of baja designs kit

Correct--I'm running AC to the grips (through a regulator).

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