fork respring question.

So today I replaced my fork seals and fork oil, and completed a respring with racetech springs from the TT shop. I did one side at a time and when I was on the second one, I realized that the new fork springs were about 1/4" shorter than the original. I figured it was probably due to them being stiffer and went ahead and finished.

I came inside and found a bag of 6 washers in the box that the springs came in, and I started to wonder if I was supposed to use them as spacers or something. So, do I need to take them apart again?

And also, the "smaller" side of the spring goes down right?

I do not know what model fork you are working on.  Commonly the smaller end is down.  You should be able to determine which way the springs go by looking at how they fit.  Try them both ways.  


Yes, the washers are spacers to adjust spring preload.  You probably want about 5mm of initial preload.

OK, thanks for the reply, is it gonna hurt anything by not having those washers in? They are the s model right side up showas 49mm forks. If I have to I'll pull em back a part.

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I recall my RT springs (0.48) being slightly shorter... however I still measured a preload of 13 mm or so with just the spring and the stock steel washer/spacer (under the fork cap).  So I didn't use any of the RT provided spacers, just re-used the stock one.

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