1993 XR200 rebuild issues..

I picked up a 93' XR200 that needed some work. Upon getting deeper into the engine I found out that the head was pretty much toast (valve guide on the exhaust side is wallowed out and the valves were pretty much hosed). I opted to just order a whole replacement head and valves. I found one for 96 XR200 on eBay for $120 that came from a reputable seller. I installed it today with new gaskets and new piston rings but now with everything bolted together the engine does not turn over at all. It has absolutely ZERO rotation. The strange thing is, once you take the valve train/cover off the top of the head everything rotates perfectly in the engine. This makes not sense to me..

Did you check bushing on back of cam?. Have seen these installed and locating pin was not in hole. You did something wrong some where and best suggestion is to get a manual and read and check. Also was top and bottom of head from same motor??? Sometimes the mismatch from swapping parts will cause it to bind. Remove head install all parts( allen screws to tighten 2 parts together etc)  set valve clearance and you should be able to turn cam (with a bolt in sprocket hole and a screwdriver, crude but works). . Also if you left little shim off behind cam to head and used a too long bolt it will catch on head casting.


Look at parts, read manual assemble and test. You will figure out what you did wrong.

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