How to go back to dry sump/add oil tank?

I just got a 2011 yz250f and someone insatlled the wet sump kit and deleted the oil tank. I would like to add the oil tank back but was wondering what all i had to do. I found a oil tank and the lines to get already but is there anything else that was installed inside the motor for the wet sump kit that i will need to remove before installing the oil tank? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, this is the instruction for Tokyo Mod wet sump kit. I believe it's the same for all brands. I recently did the same thing like you - found a 08 that was disassembled and bough the oil tank, oil lines, complete oil pump and i was missing the spring and ball thing and decided to buy the whole sidecase cover as well. You will probably need the mounting bolts(with rubber fittings) for the oil tank - 3 pcs.

Mine is 09 though. I haven't disassembled '11 but has to be similar. I had problems with the clutch - brand new parts and after 15min of riding the clutch was starting to grab. Disassemble - lubricate - another 15 min of good running. So I drilled additional holes in the inner hub and went to dry sump (had the chance to and I am riding enduro not motocross so extra cooling and lubrication for the motor is a good thing).

Just my personal experience! Good luck and have fun!


Wet sump.jpg

P.S. Sorry for the small picture - PrtSc captures the 2nd monitor too :)) you can see what is removed therefore what has to be added (probably you have the sensor installed because this is not to be removed on 100%)

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Thanks for the info guys! I'll see what all i can get rounded up for this project :thumbsup:

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