Volunteer opportunity at Washougal MX Park


We need people to help us out with an off-road competition at Washougal MX Park on 29th and 30th of May...the SAE Baja Oregon (http://bajasaeoregon.org/).  Only requirement is that you are 18 years old and can give us a 1 or 2 day commitment.  Free t-shirt, food, and a day of excitement is what we offer in return for your time.  


Friday will be dynamic events (acceleration run, hill climb, rock crawl, and maneuverability course) and Saturday will be the infamous 4 hour endurance event.  For anyone not familiar with SAE Baja, these are single seat off-road vehicles designed, built, and raced by university students around the world.


Specifically we need a few folks with ATVs willing to join the carnage crew on Saturday during the endurance event.


Come out and help us put on another great event and root on your local university (OSU, OIT, WSU, etc).  


Please contact Elliot Holdman at Elliot.Holdman@escocorp.com  to sign up for Friday, Saturday, or both days!   



Ryan Jefferis | Sponsorship | 2015 SAE Baja Oregon | +1 503 745 8424 (desk) | +1 503 421 0495 (cell) | ryan.jefferis@daimler.com



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