2014 YZ450f....Shifter is too high or too low.Suggestions?

JR h.jpg1480.JPGHey! I just got a brand new 2014 YZ450f that I love with every fiber of my being,but the stock shifter is either too low,or if I move it up to the next position,too high for my personal taste.Does anyone else out there have this same issue,and have you found an aftermarket shifter that ends up in between those two positions?That is honestly my only criticism of this awesome machine(and it's really just a personal preference)!

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You could take a Dremel tool and cut the foot pegs on the bottom where the pin slides through and use a washer to shim the space on top. Two bonus's lower pegs and shifter is placed better , that's what I did .

I'm not sure that I want lower footpegs, but thanks for the suggestion.

Hammerhead makes a good shifter to fit your boot size. Then you can put the shift lever on a tad higher than level with the peg or level and ride with it there you will get used too it that's what I did and it worked. At first it takes some getting used to but their shifters are great and look good too.

I had the same problem, I adjusted it up one (and it felt too high) but I practiced with it using a "tap down" motion with my boot when down shifting.

Kinda hard to explain but thing about your body position on the seat during up shift and down shifting during the ride.  

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