Xr400r fresh start

Hi I am in process of giving my Xr a fresh start, new hotcam stage1 with a mikuni pumper from xrsonly New rocker arms the whole shibam it had had new piston,rings ect be for I got it only 200 miles or so ago,

I want to get some good oil in there too and a new filter and spark plug my friend just put an iridium ngk in but I'm not convinced that there far far superior than a regular ngk are there any recommendations?

Thanks Adam


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I'm not impressed with the iridium either. The stock NGK DPR8Z should be fine.

Cool thanks :)

I have no idea about the iridiums but the stock NGK plugs fit perfectly and work great.  


If you compare a supposedly equivalent ND or Champion, they are slightly different lengths and don't quite fit in the head the same way on the combustion chamber side.  Some leave threads exposed to fill with carbon.



If it aint broke don't try and fix it. It's not a like a spark plug is gonna give you 5 extra HP across the rev range. That's where you want something that works correctly and lasts for a long time. NGK all the way.

Thanks everyone I've seen the contact point on the iridium plugs and there very small but have the same kinda spark it seems to me like it's just paying for the word "iridium" dose sound kinda cool i guess haha

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