Engine ice prep work

15 ktm 300 exc, What is the best way of getting the cooling system completely dry before adding engine ice. some say run the bike for a bit with nothing in the system, others say leave the bike open for a week or so, thank lads

I highly doubt a miniscule amount of other coolant/water is going to make any difference. If im trying to flush my system I use distilled water and run the bike for a few minutes and drain it. Repeat that a few times and all the old coolant will definitely be flushed. And if I do that, it isnt to rid the system of old coolant, but dirt if I know some got into the system.

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What a PIA.


Have you considered just putting a few capfulls of Redline Water Wetter in your current system and be done with it?


Do you race? If so, have you checked the rules to see if running Engine Ice is allowed?


Do you know the difference between the 2 products? Seen reviews?

Are you having overheating issues? I personally don't like the stuff but it does make a difference I have ran it before. But it's expensive and to me not anywhere close to worth it.

I prefer regular green. Look into getting a fan that will be better than engine ice anyway.

To answer your question a few flushes with clean distiller water will be just fine. Same will work if you want to change back.

Yeah no real over heating issues, just wanted to try it, i can get engine ice pretty cheap thats all.

Another q, is there a way of checking to see if the head o rings have sealed properly, before filling the system? I just checked my cylinder when i drained the system and have reused the original o rings (20hrs), they looked fine and were seated in the grooves

$2.99 No more steam 5 minute fix.

Did this to my 09 250xc too, no problems after over 350 hours.




Those O-rings are not going to leak at 20 hours.

I believe the bottle says to flush with distilled water and I think vinegar?


All I know is you can't have any old coolant since it will gel and go into the water pump and rads.

When I went from Maxima Coolanol I flushed it, then did filled it up with distilled water, flushed it, filled it up with more distilled water and ran the bike then flushed it and did it 2-3 more times, then I left the rad cap off and drain plug bolt open for about 30 mins and the system dried up real good. Then filled it with engine ice and love the stuff!!! Its noticeable how much cooler the bike runs.

I do really love Tirox Ti-Cool though and it only really requires you to drain the old coolant and flush it with distilled water and its good to go.

Yeah i havnt been on a big ride yet, ive only heard good things though

I don't see Engine Ice as being super high performing coolant. I don't see why this is such a big issue to rid every last molecule of previous coolant. If cooling optimization is absolutely top of the list important, you should be using Evans powersport coolant. Theres nothing better than that stuff. If that isnt enough, (ive never seen a puff of steam with Evans) then adding a cooling fan would be the next step. You can also upgrade the cap to a 2.0 bar pressure cap. CV4 makes a good unit.

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I just drained the old coolant and flushed it with tap water, then put in Engine Ice.  I added a overflow reservoir in the airbox and haven't had any issues.  I think you're way overthinking the flush the old fluid step, it's just coolant/water mix.  Engine Ice is  propylene glycol (RV antifreeze) mixed with de-ionized water, not some exotic nasa elixir.

Hahaha yeah fair enough im just trying to do things right, thanks fellas

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