Need some help with my Elka's ssd ride height

I recently got some Ella Stage 4 shocks for my 400ex. I had them built brand new for my weight and riding style.  They have elka's self sagging device ssd technology. Basically this is he same as zero pre load. They have a small spring on he top that is very soft and allows the quad to sag while not actually sagging the main spring.  


Here is my dilemma. I trail ride and would like to have an 8" ride height. In order to obtain this height I have to tighten the pre load collar so much that it completely compresses the top ssd spring. I called elka and they said its fine and doesn't matter.



So should I do this or should I back the collar out and just ride at a 6" ride height?  I have been trying to figure this out and even though the ssd spring is completely compressed there still isn't and preload on the main spring.



Any insight into this would be great. I want to be at the correct height to optimize my shocks. Thanks

Sounds like the spring is a little too light. If you are only doing trail then tightening the spring up will be fine. 6" is really too low of a ride height even for mx. You should be around 7-7.5" for MX with 18" rears.  SSD isn't really optimal for trails.

Thanks man I think you are right. I heard that Elka got way overloaded and messed up a lot of orders. However I was able to get a 7" ride height and they are still nice and soft so am happy.

No. I think they just set them up funny. Every set of elka's I've had were great shocks once I sent them to someone to spring and valve them correctly. Elka seems to like to run on the bottom 1/3rd of the shaft travel. that leaves the top 2/3rds useless unless you are in the air. if you get them set up properly with a good builder they will be great.

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