Looking for parts, camshaft and camshaft support 250sxf 2007

Hi guys,


Anyone here is parting out a ktm 250sxf 2007?



I'm searching some parts for a friend bike and can't find them on ebay.



The part that hold both camshaft, up and down :

16 77036020150 BUSH SUPPORT A.BRIDGE CPL '05



And both camshaft : 

Camshaft Intake 77036009100
Camshaft Exhaust 77036010100




Is there any other cam that would fit in? looks like hotcam doesn't make a set for this bike.



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once you get the parts you will also need to figure out why it seized at the bridge...there are some that believe the oil pressure relief valve seat that is known to be cracked/piece broken off is the issue. It could also be a plugged squirt orifice or a bad pump.

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