what is this ktm 250sx worth? need help

deciding on what way to go.... used to trail ride, and race fair cross when was younger (28 now havnt ridden in over 5 years) Im getting back into it.... leaning towards a 15 crf450r but did come across a ktm 250sx (actually from an older gentleman....he's a dr and spent alot of money on this thing, but only trail rides and its just too much for him) He emailed me from the final bill of sale... everything was done before he even rode the bike for the first time...


fat bars. arc levers. v-force reeds. factory connection full suspension set up. comes standard with fmf pipe and silencer. recluse clutch. all of this came to just over $12,500 with purchase of the bike and install.  


i think im forgetting a couple of small things but you get the jist of it... Im going to be trail riding occasionally but going to practice days at the track more often...


im 5'10" and weigh 225. what are your opinions on this bike thats pretty much done. vs a bone stock 450....


also what do you think the ktm would go for.... hes really scared of it and it literally has a couple of hours on it and just sits. i feel like i could basically steel it from him, but would like to know what it would be worth.


any help would be appreciated.



I just noticed i didnt post the year. the ktm is a 2012.

Either bike would be great for the track. Make sure the 250sx isnt set up for the woods as it wont be the same as a fine tuned 250sx mx bike. I definately wouldn't pay 12k for the 250. They retail at 7k (+/- 1k) and with the mentioned add-ons, its not worth that much. I'd make an offer of 8-8500 for the 250sx. Nothing more. Otherwise, if you want a 250sx, go buy a new one and put the mods you want on there. If you're doing mostly mx, that rekluse is wasted $ for track purposes, imo. 2Ts don't stall like the 4Ts do and are much easier to start. :thumbsup:

ya i agree i would never buy a 2 stroke for that much either.... thats just what he has into it. The idea of the rekluse is cool. but if i end up beating on this one like i have my other bikes in the past ill do a hinson anyway.... hes 170 pounds so i literally have 50-60 pounds on him depending on time of year my weight fluxuates due to lifting. so i know ill have to have someone completely re-tune the suspension... but my point is i might be able to get this bike at a steel.... not embelishing i could probably get it for 6K. at that price you think it would be a better idea over a new 450 that im going to spend 8 plus mods??? i just dont want to buy a bike and in a year wish i had a 450....but if i get it at the right price i may be able to make money or at least break even if i decide to go 4 stroke anyway.

If you could get the 250 for 6k, I'd jump on that quick!! But, this sounds like its a choice between 2T vs 4T. Then you should go with the 2T (lol Im not biased or anything). :thumbsup:

Anyone else have a different opinion??!

I just looked at a 14 250sx. It had 2 pipes, spark arrestor silencer, suspension revalved re sprung , extra sprocket etc.

only had 30 hrs and looked clean.

the asking price was $5500.

A 12 250sx $4000-$4500?

He may have 12k invested in but bikes are not investments.

I agree with the above post...

His loss for putting all the goodies on it, they are worth 25 cents on the dollar at best. It's nearly 4 years old already, and from what I gather the 2012 isn't the best of the "new" linked KTM's.

I'd offer the guy what is fair for a 2012 250sx in good shape.

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Ya the more I look into it the more I see I would have to negotiate very hard. It seems a lot of guys are going away from 2 strokes which is causing resale values to plummet. I'm leaning toward the 450 unless I can get this for like 3500-4000..... At that point I don't feel I would lose my ass selling it in a year if I decide to go 450. Although I've never ridden one everyone says 450's are significantly easier around the track. I remember muscling my 125's around to death!

I agree with everyone else. People think their mods make their bikes worth so much. The problem is its 3 years old already, some of those mods you may not need or want. I agree with trying to get it for 3-4k

After a couple years away from the Dirtbike scene, jumping on a 450 might be a little ambitious!

But hey maybe you can still throw that thing around the track.

I personally sell KTMs at BMW Motorcycles of Countryside in LaGrange, IL.

Right now a 2015 250SX goes for around 8...

No idea where he's getting 12...


Halfcup ... FWIW ... sold my 12 KTM 250SX with many of the same mods ... Purchased 15 CRF 450 and repeated many of the same mods ... all things being equal ... (Vet 'A' rider) ... This is my first 4T ... I may never throw a leg over another 2T ... LOL! ... Hope this helps ... Good Luck ...

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