XT350 Jetting for 6000 feet

I will be in south west Colorado this summer. Cortez is around 5 to 6000 ft.

Shop manual suggest if riding above 5000 ft change main jet to 1 size smaller.

Do I change both main jets or just the one in the primary carb?

That is a good question ask the local dealer or the dealer in durango they should be able to help you. I would like to know that one my self.

Just drive bike like you always do, and check your spark plug colour... than post picture of spark plug. For bike its not good to drive on too lean mixture (for any engine) it increase wear on piston and cylinder wall....

Had a long talk with Brady at Handle Bar Motorsports in Durango.

About jet for higher elevation. He says it's something I should do.

Going down one jet size in both carburetors is recommended.

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