1989 rm125 clutch/oil/crank seal

Ok first thing I just picked up a 1989 rm125 on craigslist and it has black spooge coming from the exhaust pretty heavily. After cleaning the carb, jets, bowl and everything I pulled the plug as well and it's completely black. Like there was oil all over it.

Also I am losing transmission fluid and it's not dropping out onto the ground. So I figure my crank seal is bad. I pulled the clutch cover and drained all the oil. I had the bike completely laying on its side and it drained a good amount into a kemps 1 gallon ice cream bucket. It filled about 2-2.5 inches of the bucket.

Idk if it's just me but that seems like A LOT of oil.

The bike ran and rode great, given the large amounts of exhaust spooge and sputtering from running richer than bill gates, until right before I drained the oil. I fired the bike up and let it warm up for a bit. Then took off slowly and hit 2 gear power and and it just quit.

Tried to kick it over again nothing.

Drained the oil and it just seems like so much oil.

So I am going to replace my right crank seal because it seems that there's oil leaking out from there while draining. KEYWORD! "Seems"

I need to know where the right crank seal is located seeing how I only took off the small clutch cover.

I don't plan on touching anything until my manual arrives (before the parts do) I was just hoping to inquire information about this side of the engine.

Also wanted to know if the oil leaking into the crankcase damaged/possibly could of damaged anything.

It's getting a new top end put in with the crank seal, and a tune up.

Any help, advice, or information is greatly appreciated!


oil leaking into the crank area is good and bad.


good is it ad's extra lube to the crank and bearings in there.


the bad is it it ad's the splooge and also air leak possibly leaning out the fuel mixture too much.


wait for the manual and it will be pretty easy.

That's what my plan is. I started reading about it on other forums and everyone insisted on others having a manual first. Even though sometimes I think I know it all lol or I think eh screw the manual I got this I decided to be patient and smart for once and not go sinking around somewhere I have no business being with out proper instruction lol

Other than that when the bike just randomly killed could it be because so much oil got in the crank case that it just flooded it out completely?

Fouled plug from running too rich. Put a new plug in and it will fire right up. When you install the new seal check the collar that rides inside the seal for grooves worn in it. If it's worn you need to replace it or it will chew up the new seal in no time and you'll be back where you started.

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