1992 EXC 300?

Have an opp to purchase a running but visually rough 1991 EXC 300 for $500.


Haven't been on the bike first hand but is that money for that bike something I should pull the trigger on sight unseen since its running?


Also - for anyone who has owned that specific year (or same build years) is it happy chugging at low RPM or am I going to be fouling plugs if I ride it like a playbike?


Thanks.. I did some searching here already and found nothing answering the above questions...



I'm not sure what you'll run into with parts availability . May be better off yo throw another $500 in and get a 2000 model or newer.

The suspension and plastic are going to be a big issue .

I say walk away.

Edited by ohiocoalminer

Yeah for minimal more budget you could get 5x as good of a bike.

You guys know better than me... Case closed. Thanks!

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