Gen 3 CR250 front chain guard, who makes them?

I need a Gaurd that protects the cases when the chain snaps. I'd like aftermarket. What are you guys having luck with? What are the options?


I had a T.M. designs chain gaurd on a yamaha 450. It fit like a glove up to the case & ignition cover & it is made of a type of plastic to further help with impact protection.

I still feel there should be another item (m as ybe there is) that mounts ABOVE the sprocket. The last bit of chain is like a tail whipping through that area. Look at a late model ktm sx50. They have a guard eith the design I am speaking of. Of ourselves it won't fit but you will get the idea of what I am describing & what to look for if someone makes such a piece.

I have a moose one on mine but haven't put it on yet because I'm still rebuilding my machine

How often do you snap your chain?

How often do you snap your chain?

you never really know when and if it will, better to have the protection there.

How often do you snap your chain?

I don't care to take chances like that, it happens.

As KPR said, the ones that fit snug against the case would be best......if you can find one. I never found anything for my 02 when I searched. For my trx450r, I always had one from moose racing, made of polymer. It even had a hole that the shift shaft went through to protect it. The polymer and being form fitted against the case would absorb impact greater than the fancy billet ones that mount to the 2 tabs. They wont absorb anything, only transfer the hit to the 2 tabs, breaking them. I get some type of white plastic ( like delrin ) about 1/2 inch thick from work, and cut one. Sure, it mounts like the billet ones, but has to absorb more than aluminum.

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