Here is the link for the WORCS GP this weekend @ Speed World:

btw that's the Champ, MX Kied, who had a gift handed to him when Destry got hurt (while leading the series), practicing when his 125 siezed over a jump.

Oh well that's racing, and good for the Kied.


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Winding down with a couple of Margarita's (the beauty of Sat racing!) after today's events @ SpeedWorld.

The looooong GP course was in excellant condition and got rough especially in a long, twisty, whooped out rocky sandwash. This was my weakpoint on the course, as in the soft deep whoops the 426 can be a handfull. I dreaded this part as this is where the desert rats would get me. The MX portion is where I would pass them back, and this cat and mouse game went on for an 1 hr and 12 min!!

The start consisted of standing with both feet planted on the throttle side of your bike and I really sucked at this by getting a bad start with a field of over 50 riders. Managed a 3rd in my class of 16 riders and had a good time and didn't get tired.

I must say I was really impressed with the professionalism of the Worcs promotors, things like barcodes on your helmet, VERY organized and strict signup, and the top three riders got to stand on a podium receive some real cool sprocket like trophies and a bag of goodies. Plus you were interviewed and had your picture taken.

Dave Hamel runs it and I spoke with his Mom, who also runs the signup and numerous other things. Mentioned to her about Mark's passing at the last GP there and that's when she mentioned that she was Danny's Mom.

I was also pleased to see that they did not run the SX portion, but we rode alongside it and everytime I thought of my good buddy.

Now I have a day to prepare for my new job which is 45 FREAKEN MILES AWAY!!!! [ :) ]

Ahhhhhhh what a man will do to keep his addiction to m/c's going!!!LOL

Oh and the top Pros were using some warm up races for tomorrows big race and Kiedrowski, Abbott, Watts, Hatch, Smith and others were going real fast! It should be good, wish I was going....

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