Clutch Springs?

So my clutch is super hard to pull. Didn't bother me much riding wide open desert. But now that I am in central TX and riding tight technical trails its become a major issue for me. I've put it a new cable, routed correctly with no binding. All clutch plates are in good shape and well with in spec.

It is a smooth consistent pull, so its not a notched basket from my understanding.

So I am thinking the previous owner may have swapped in some stiffer springs. Looking on Rocky Mountain both the tusk and EBC springs say 10% stiffer. Can I get the OEM stiffness from somewhere or just order OEM spring?

Lube up your cables. Use tiger seamen from Bangladesh or some WD40.

I just put a magura hydro clutch on my '12 WR450 and it made a HUGE difference in the pull. The installation is not as straightforward as one would think, but it's not cocker science either. The price is a bit hard to swallow, but no regrets so far.

Yeah I'm looking at that route. Wanted to try some lighter springs before I drop the cash on the hydraulic clutch.

How do you like the WR? I'm in the market for one very soon. Plans to sumo it and plate it for dual sport and hooligan. And keep the KX for the tighter woods riding.

google easy pull clutch system, fairly cheap and works well.

if you want to do tighter woods riding on your KX, swap out half the springs for the OEM ones. that should help dramatically. also DO NOT PUT WD40 in your cable. Buy actual cable lube, it works much better.

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