Where to Buy KYB Shock Piston Band - 120214600101 (46mm x 10mm)

Does anyone know where to buy a KYB shock piston band that is 46mm x 10mm (120214600101 in the Technical Touch catalog)? This is for a 1993 KX125. Most recent bands are 12mm tall. This is just 10mm with one o-ring under it.



Technical touch ;-)

I need to call and ask, but I think it is already discontinued.

You can order a stock oem band to a Honda cr 125 1993-94.

Yeah, but that is canceled too. :(


Look on Rocky Mountain or a few others that show more accurate availability data.

Buy a newer piston ?

I might have one I'd have to look

I just found one on eBay from a seller in Japan. Chaparral "showed" they had one on eBay. I bought it too. We shall see on Chaparral.


Tuners and riders, have patience on getting parts for older model suspension. Whew! :ride:

Wouldn't it be easier to fit a yz/cr piston ? Most tuners have boxes of them laying around for free

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