Trail Tech Endurance 2

I bought one of these for my 03 CR250 and for the life of me have no idea where to get power. I have checked every wire behind the number plate with my multi meter (engine running obviously). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Bump, no one?

I was wondering if you can use them on a 2T. Maybe they work off the coils pulse like an hour meter?


I'll wait until you work it out before I buy one :p  ;) .

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Is there not a constant power source above 9 volts AC or DC on a 2 stroke? It can run on 9-55vdc/or 9-400vac.

Unless the bike has a battery there is NO consistent power.


With no battery, the unit will run when the bike is running but for example if the unit has a clock or something else where it needs constant power to run when the bike is not running, you would loose the setting when the bike is not running.


Otherwise the unit needs it's own little battery or an external battery to keep these functions running.


Here's a pretty good post on running a rad fan on an MX bike. Basically how to get battery power on a bike without a stock battery but if I remember, your only turning the fan on as needed and at some point you have to re-charge the battery at your house. You might be able to make something like this work.


So for example...


crf250r - no battery, place to really put a full size one or a method to re-charge the battery

crf250x - battery, lights, etc


Trail Tech has a stator kits for my crf250r but not for the cr250r.


I've been having a few Friday beers so getting a bit wordy but does the endurance really need the constant battery source or just power ?


Have been interested in this one also, I'm going to follow and see what's what.



Ya that was the link I posted

Ya that was the link I posted

That right there is all you need to know about the TT endurance, locate your 2 stator wires and find a way to splice into the system. Do you have a solder kit?

Edit** lol thought you were the original poster, anyway...

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No - I'm just slightly drunk :thumbsup:

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