2014 kx450f exact amount oil

If I change my oil and filter how much oil do i put back in I've heard 1.2 I've heard 1 what is it

Trying looking it up in a service manual but I would guess it would be at least 1.2 with a new filter.

.98L, or 980ml, or 1.04 qt

I use 1150cc with filter

i use a full quart and then about 100ml extra of oil, start it and let it idle for a minute, shut it off and check the sight glass, it should almost always be around the middle, atleast it is for me.

Thanks guys

Does anybody run extra oil in there 450???? In my 250f the older ones called for like 1200ML. since 11' or so they have called out 850ML. Some guys were burning up there clutch's so a few us started running a full Quart or 1000ML. I been doing it since 2011 and been getting long clutch life out of both mine and my sons bike. Was just wonder cause im switching to a 450 soon

a full quart is 946 ml, but let's not split hairs:)

Hay guys I don't know I you guys have this but if not enjoy..


In this Workshop Manual there is all the KX450F form  2012-2015   FC-FFF

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