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Hello all!


New to the forum and I have been in the market to find a bike for my son to learn on.  I came across this bike.  A friend has had it sitting around.  He took it in on a trade and offered it to me when I spoke to him about getting a bike for my son.  He has allowed me to bring it home, look it over, and see what my son thought of it. 


It runs, but looks to have been rode really hard.  Most of plastic is held in place with zip ties vs bolts/screws.  I can't find a data tag anywhere on the frame.  All I know is that it has a Lifan engine.  I hear alot of these parts are interchangable.


Any of you more seasoned pit bikers have any idea of what pit bike models may of came with these motors?


Thanks for your time and comments!






What size are the wheels? Also what age is your son? You can find stock crf50's for $300-$600 often as well as stock klx110 for $500-800. I've always gone with Japanese bikes for reliability. Upgrade parts are more expensive but they always fire right up and usually hold value pretty well. I've had piranha and pitster pro as well and they ran great and were fast but were much more finicky to get running smoothly. Not many newer bikes come with Lifan motors. They are however common replacement motors when the original motors give up and the Lifan's seem to be decent for the money.

Thanks for the reply!  I will have to check on the wheel size when I get home. 


My son is 11.  This also has the manual clutch. 

I'm betting the bike pictured has 12'' wheels then same as KLX. They are even fun for an adult so as he gets bigger he won't mind keeping it to play on. If you can get it for $300 or under go for it. I usually see chinese bikes listed locally for $250-500.

Kids ball games have kept me away from it. It does have 12" wheels. Has a FMF exhaust that probably needs re packed. Thing is loud! Also says on head 124cm. Still haven't seen any kind of marking on frame.

You probably won't find any markings. There are so many different copies of the same bike produce its really hard to tell. Even if you do figure it out its hard to find parts. That is the only downside I see with the bikes is customer support and parts availability. They are a cheap way to get into the sport but not something you should plan on riding for years and years to come.

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