2013 Header cherry red..

Hey everyone, I have written in once before about this but I'd like to double check. 13 450 idling on stand and the header got cherry red.i mean bright! Probably only ran for 5 min w half a dozen revs. Is this normal or do I have something going on. Thank you.

Don't worry about its completely normal.

Went through this myself on my 2011. Let it sit especially if the outside temp is really cold and shell glow. Normal

Does nobody use the search function anymore?  This has been covered since 1998.

Does nobody use the search function anymore? This has been covered since 1998.

No do you see how many chain and sprocket threads come up everyday.

Hey, I'll work on using the search function if you guys work on typing something constructive with the time you took to type! Thanks!

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