Pwk non air Stryker question (01CR250R)

I've recently installed this carb on my 01 cr 250

Mods below

V force reeds

Fmf gnarly pipe with silencer

Uni air filter

Just looking to get the jetting right. I'm at 750ft above sea level with temps between 60-90* on riding days

Right now the carb has a 135 main and a 35 pilot

Unsure about the needle at this moment. I also have my stock carb that came of my bike with what I belive to be stock jets

Any help would be much appreciated! TIA

I could be way off but 135 seems really small. Check and make sure that it doesn't say 185.

Needs closer to 170M 48P

Yeah the guy I got it from has it on a small motor... I just got it on and running. Haven't ridden it yet.

How large is the carb? 36mm?

They are not that different functionally than a  PWK air striker that has the wings, and taller jet block. The throttle response is a little better with the air striker though.The non air striker also used only 2 vents. I don't remember them jetting that much different than the air striker though., so I would start of with a NEDW needle in #3, a 42 pilot and a 172 main, or if you want it to hit a little harder you can use a N3EJ in #3 with a 178 main and a 48 pilot. These should get you close, assuming the carb is a 38mm PWK and using a #7 slide.

It's 38mm pwk

It has #6 slide in it now

It's 38mm pwk

It has #6 slide in it now


With the #6 slide the bike won't run as clean on the bottom as with a #7 or #8 slide, but you may be able to compensate for the slide by running as smaller pilot at the expense of a little lowend torque.

It's 38mm pwk

It has #6 slide in it now

#6 slide works better in a 125. I'd bet someone would like to trade for their #7.

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