Intake Manifold boot cheaper aftermarket replacement options?

Hey guys,


I have a 2004 TTR225 and the intake boot between the carb and head is rubber rotted and causing a small air leak causing engine running issues.  I have siliconed it which lasted a while then it started messing up again, so I've tried some fuel resistant epoxy this time.  If that does not last, I will want to replace it.   I would have already replaced it if the factory part 2LN-13586-01-00 was not 50.00 which is ridiculous.


Anyone know of any aftermarket manifold boots that fit the TTR for much cheaper from anywhere?



It's a weird part on a not very popular bike. I can't say for sure, but I'm 99.99% sure there's no aftermarket for that. What I do, however, is type in the part number to google and ebay and see where I can find it the cheapest.


Here's a few that are cheaper than $50.

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