Anyone else having the rear brake line cutting into the swingarm / weld

Hi everyone,


When i was cleaning my '12 yz250 today, i noticed the rear brake line did leave a sort of cut into the swingarm, and also the weld seems to be affected.


Is this normal, or do more people have noticed this on their bikes? The line is routed correctly thru the clamps. I removed it from one clamp just for the picture, but it seems that it just sanded itself down into the swingarm. It's quite deep, so not just a polishing on the arm. More like a convex.


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Yeah it happens why there's a couple pieces of stickers under mine in those spots and why I would remove the chain buffer and put black silicone to stop the floating feature other wise it rubs like the brake line.

Same. Happened to me. Mud abrasion does it. To solve it I propped the line up a little with a wedge and put a dab of clear silicone under it inside the bracket, let it cure then took the wedge out. You could also try repositioning the bango fitting in each end.

Thanks for the replies :thumbsup: ,


The chain buffer on the other side has the black silicone under it. The previous owner did this i guess. Now i also have the answer to that side :ride:

It actually is pure logic, because mud acts like sandingpaper when pressure is applied to it. And alloy does not need that much force. The first thing that came into my mind was - "Hopefully it will not cut thru completely in the future".


I'm going to make it like you said, with stickers, silicone, or with a sort of 'chainbuffer like thingy' piece of plastic.

The silicone pad under the brake line should work nicely.

Under the chain plastic slider I use sikaflex (or equiv) adhesive to properly bond it to the swingarm. That stops grit from getting under it, wearing out the alum or shaking the thing loose. It also makes the chain a little quieter and seems to make the sliders last a bit longer.

I noticed it when I first got my 02. That was 2 years ago and it doesn't seem to be any worse. If it hasn't gone through on a 13 year old bike I would figure you have nothing to worry about on a 3 year old bike.

Thanks guys,


Yes indeed, i guess it will come to some point, where it does / can move freely without the swingarm in its way lol. The previous owner maybe was a little bit lazy on cleaning it to detail, so it kept rubbing.


Anyways, i'm in the process of making a carbon fiber protector plate that goes between the two clamps under the brake line. That way it will give it a cool look to a not so cool but normal problem, with extra protection against it. :thumbsup:

I will also take a look at the Sikaflex products, as there are many types available like Sikaflex 552. Not expensive, so i think i will give that one a try on a test object first, before i ruin the swingarm or cannot remove it anymore in the future.

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