Stiff clutch lever? Try a Pro Taper clutch perch.

My '01 YZ250 always had a stiff clutch pull and was really starting to bug me.  Especially since I sprained my thumb and keep re-injuring it.  SO, I shopped around for lever perches, etc. and the Pro Taper had 2 things I wanted:  The ball bearing pivot to reduce effort and an adjustable lever resting position.  I don't think Pro Taper said anything about a reduced effort because of different lever dimensions.  I forgot to set the levers side-by-side with the OE to compare dimensions of pivot point vs. cable hole.  

This perch truly changes the lever effort from a 4 finger pull to almost a 1 finger one.  2 finger pull is a breeze.  I haven't ridden it yet (don't have a seat or pipe) but after adjusting the resting position to put the lever closer to the bar, I think it will be even a little easier.  I see SO MANY guys complaining about clutch effort, I thought I'd share this experience.

It's a Pro Taper Profile Universal clutch perch, part # 02-4101

Motoxvet, thanks for the review, iam just order a rekluse z start pro to solve this problem and the stall problem in some trails I Hope the rekluse solve all my problem if not i am gonna order that perch.


The only feature that Pro Taper perch doesn't have is an unbreakable or break-away design.  Since I have bark busters, I didn't think that was so important.

After many months and miles - I LOVE this perch.  You can ride and without even thinking, keep 2 fingers on the clutch and still have 2 around the grip.  I adjusted it so it releases without going ALL the way to the grip.  Already proved the theory that it doesn't need to be an unbreakable unit.  The bark buster save it when it hit the ground.

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