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TTR 125 clutch cable

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Hello, all....

New member, have been getting much valuable info off these forums so I thought I'd join and partake actively, maybe help someone even dumber than me.......ha ha.


But seriously....TT is an excellent resource, and I hope I can contribute something constructive. I fiddle, and have fiddled, with many old dirtbikes going back to the early 80's so have learned a few tricks, and will gladly share what i know.


I have a selection of thumpers in my garage, from a 1940 BSA M20 500cc to a 2013 KTM 450XCF and a few in between.  My current headache, a 2006 TTR 125 pitbike/girlfriend's bike, is the primary reason for getting on here.....


My TTR is a clean and low time 2006 L-model I was lucky to find here in Phoenix. Since I'm slightly taller and heavier than your average girflriend or teenage son/daughter I've made a few mods to it: BBR stiffer springs front and back (looking for a YZ 85 fork assy), FMF pipe and spark arrestor, RWS Racing triple clamps (the source of my issue), VM26 Mikuni carb (waiting for UPS man as I write this), opened the airbox and BBR airfilter kit....that's about it for now. It's a work in progress.


My dilemma is, with the RSW Racing triple clamps and risers, combined with the OEM Renthal fatbar that came off my KTM 450, the clutch cable on the TTR is about 2 inches too short for comfort.


Has anybody dealt with this issue? The cable is 39 1/2 inches long, just your average adjustable little clutch cable with round cylinders at both ends. From what I can ascertain, it's the same cable as on the TTR 225 and 230. HOWEVER....if the 230's cable is slightly longer, I will get one of those instead of possibly having one custom made by Motionpro.


Can anyone tell me how long the 230's clutch cable is? Plus or minus half an inch worth of adjustment?



Or any other suggestions?


Muito obrigato.

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Have you taken into the equation the sheath length and the cable length 

I know most cable sheaths have an adjustment on the sheath itself but you should still consider it just may not work

you may need to trim your bars a little shorter

or go to the mini hi bars


just my thoughts

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Weeell......in keeping with the old "if at first you don't succeed, give up right away" philosophy....I may have foreseen a non-existent problem. Slightly different cable routing etc seems to have worked for now. Will test it tomorrow hopefully, thanks for the input, will keep it in mind.

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Another option, but not the cheapest (but maybe the best), is to replace the carb altogether with a VM24 from Sudco. It removes the choke cable in favor of a choke knob directly on the carb, and it's a bigger carb that makes the TTR run better.


I see you're getting a VM26. That doesn't have a cable does it?

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Wel..as always the build didn't go as quick as I thought it would, so had to buy the gf a CRF 230 to expedite things.....but the TTR is mostly done.

I ended up getting a VM26 from Sudco. They didn't have 24's in stock, and I was a in a hurry. It turned out very well, had to drill the top cap for

the throttle cable to fit, a non-event. The 26 fit perfectly, only needed one replacement hose clamp. The bike fired up first kick...initially idled a little high, but fixed that with the idle screw. It runs well, but after numerous runs up and down the street, I suspect I need to play with the mixture and idle screws, and the needle a bit to get it perfect. I'm in Fountain Hills, on the northeast edge of Phoenix so elevation is about 2000 feet.

Only after cleaning and reassembling the little bike did I realise in what excellent condition it's in.

Mods so far:

RSW Racing triple clamps - beautifully made, btw....recommend it

RSW Racing fork braces

Renthal handlebars, the stock ones off my KTM 450

BBR air filter

BBR stiffer shock and fork springs

FMF exhaust

Mikuni VM-26 carb

Fastway footpegs

Galfer steel-braided front brake line

To go:

BBR frame cradle, when they become available again

Chain guide, either TM or BRP

That's about it.

The VM-26 works beautifully....first guy at SUDCO I spoke to said it's overkill, 2nd guy said it will be OK...and I agree. I have started it with bare feet, just to make a point.

A few pics: (before some sharp-eyed nitpicker points it out he he....I was still rebuilding the front brake master cylinder when these were taken, so yes Darrell....no front brakes)






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Wow that things mint! Great job ! How do you keep it so clean ? Here is mine, not nearly as clean as yours though : ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439867320.625993.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439867344.542404.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439867364.160541.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1439867384.900165.jpg

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