Painted up some rust spots

I decided to paint over some yucky rust spots today. After it dries, I plan to install a new Ricochet skid plate. I got a little excited and painted the kickstand too.

I did a small section on the frame last year and the color match was perfect! Gotta love cheap rattle cans from Autozone!






What color and brand of paint did you get from them? I have a few spots to cover...

I used rust Oleum gray rusty primer and duplicolor gm gunmetal. See pics below for item #



Very cool  . How much sanding was involved ? My Drz could use a touch-up . Thanks , 

I just used some automotive sand paper med grit and hand sanded until most of the rust was gone. The rusty primer takes care of what I missed.

I need to touch up where I masked it off, as the lines are visible (I'm a crappy painter), but the color came out nice and my rusty bottom is no more. I also painted my kickstand while I was at it.



Good work. I will be getting some of that paint to do a little touch up myself! Thanks for lookin out!

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