teething questions

Hey guys I recently purchased a barely ridden yz450f 2008 it's a mean bike and the guy I bought it from was scared of it so I lucked out at a screaming deal I didn't pass up. my question is in motocross action msg and dirt rider the reviews of this special edition bike all say that you will want to loose teeth on the rear sprocket they say from stock set up at 53 teeth down to any where from 48-52 and you will notice a huge power change. so I threw on a 49 and away I flew. now it's getting time to replace my front sprocket and Chain and would like to know if I should stick with the stock size of 14 or do I want to be somewhere else? I ride track and desert and I ride both on opposite sides of the spectrum. does anyone have any set up that seems to be working for them? I have been free riding in the desert hills of utah and also in the dunes is there a better sprocket for the dunes with my 6 paddle tire?

I have an 09. Not much difference between our bikes.

I stayed with stock gearing when I was due but put a stock 07 exhaust on. Man, it pulls way harder down low. If you go the exhaust route, you may not sacrifice having a harder time in the desert or track depending on gearing selection. I spent $70 for a full 07 exhaust. Just a thought.

I went with Regina orn6 chain and tag rear sprocket and am extremely happy.

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