what does this nean

91 kx250

When you pop in gear the bike wants to die, clutch isn't disengaging properly, but when I go out and try to open it up, it doesn't pick up very well. Almost seems like it's dragging? When I tried adjusting the cable, both ways loose and tight the lever would do nothing, it literally had to be in one exact spot to get anything to happen, and it was disengaging right t the very end of level travel (hand open)

If it helps, this biie has one of the stiffest clutches I've ever used. And my kick start sometimes slips.

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Like there was lots of room to adjustment on the cable, and the clutch disengaged when my hand was almost all the way open, naturally I would tighten the cable, but nope. Nothing. Loosen it, nothing.

what's worn out here?

I already had the clutch apart, gave the basket s light file, it's ok. Outer was good, I will need new discs that I know. But thay won't cause my problem will it?

and anyone that seen my last topic, disregard it. I've done slot more tinkering, research and testing. Needs a fresh start

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Derp. Holy shit, is there suppose to be the ball st the end of the rod for the clutch in a 91? I dint remember seeing one, and I sure didn't put one in there.....

that will be my reason fir dragging,

That ball acts as a bearing for the pushrod. Make sure the pushrod is in good shape too. Since you have the clutch apart, take the fiber plates and put them in a tub of oil fully submerged and let them soak for a good while, then when you reassemble use plenty of oil on the steel and fiber plates. DO NOT DRY THE FIBERS AFTER THEY SOAK, TAKE THEM DIRECTLY FROM THE CONTAINER AND PLACE THEM IN THE BASKET. Check the clutch springs length too, they may be shot

Well good luck then.

I realized after going through an online manual there is no ball in this model.

I took everything apart, every bearing, spring, and gear are perfect. The only obvious problems were friction discs and.clearly old clutch cable. Hope to hell this fixes it.

Last question is what's the torque specs for clutch springs? Online is giving me mixed messages, 7 ftlbs?

It's usually not very much. 7 seems right. Usually they bottom out and then you just tighten them a little.

Got the bike running, clutch is perfect. Lots of power.

problem now is It won't idle, there is the bouyson reeds in there, and stock jetting (155 main, can't remember other) , reeds are good btw.

Seems like not a lot of power bottom end and really jumps into power band. I think I'm going to take the carb apart one nore time and tinker / measure things. Anything els I should look for/into?

Here's my plug after running through ll the gears wot then killing it. To me it looks pretty good, maybe a little heavy on the gas side . More of a darker color tan in person, and wet on the threads.


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That jump can be caused by a rich pilot circuit, or a lean one. play with your air screw to see if you can feel a difference one way or the other, if it makes a difference then you know where to start.

The screws never really made a difference.

And the pilot jet is a 58 . I got the carb in pieces on my table. Going to buy a 55 and 52.

Rest of the carb is in good shape.

The screws defiantly made the power band feel different. That's dialed in and screams top end. The screws did nothing to idle. And I plan on Bush sacking the bike, so going leaner pilot won't hurt me.

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check to make sure your idle adjustment works while its off. if you screw in, the slide should go up and vice versa. Yeah you probably need the leaner pilot.

The small pilot(55), and some other fine tuning and it's pretty good. Pings out lots quicker. Still does an odd hickup if I hold it 1/2 or 3/4 throttle. I did mix the gas at approx 36:1, when I mixed it, so next time ill go 40:1

Why the hell can't I figure out how to get the throttle cable out of the needle clip?.... Wtf

pull the spring up, then push down on the cable while holding the spring back (very tricky), and it should come right out. its a difficult thing to do and the first time is always the grand struggle, for that matter the 100th time is just an experienced struggle.

I left the spring as is. With a brand new 40:1 mixture. The jetting, and everything els the bike ran MINT. I give it 90% full capacity . A fresh rebuild and clean power valve it's 100%. But still it's a 91, and if I'm not carefully will walk out from under my ass every gear.

next is suspension, way to soft rear, and front forks leak.

Kind of in the dark here. I went 55 pilot, 155 main, measured the carb, played with the screws and dialed it in, took almost a full tank of gas to do so. The plug Is a solid golden Brown top to bottom, snaps into power band as it should, decent low end, idled and clutch perfect.

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Kind of off topic, maybe? But I had to remove the spring from the idle screw to have any affect..... Maybe it's worn, whAt ever. It's good there is s touch of play in both clutch and throttle.

Did you check to see if it moved the slide up and down when it was off the bike like I previously posted?

Not to be a dick, or an &%$#@!, but it would be easier for us TTers to help you if would have a little more organization to your post. Tell us exactly what you did in order and all that. Don't jump around, it makes it difficult to keep in mind what has happened. It just helps us better help you and nonetheless the help will keep coming. there are people that are much worse but I know you are trying to learn.

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