I need some info on Nissan Frontier

My wife had an  accident (not her fault) in my little red truck and I think it's totaled. I haven't talked to the adjuster yet, but it's gonna be  a payoff. I found another truck exactly like mine, but it's a 4x4 which is cool with me. But, the engine is toast. I can get it really cheap, the guy says the truck is really, really clean.Does anyone know if the 4 cylinder in the 4x4 is the same as my 2wd. I can probably swap the engine in a weekend. I also wonder if the manual 5 speed is the same. Any help? Thanks, ph



Oh ya. I'm gonna take the leftover insurance money and get another bike!  :ride:  :thumbsup:

What year frontiers?  that might help

Oh ya. 2000

In general, motors are the same, transmissions would need the output shaft and housing changed and or removed to go from a 4X4 to a 2WD and vise versa. This doesn't specifically answer your question, but you should be GTG swapping motors. Transmissions will take a little more work (assuming they are the same transmission) but it can be done. 

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