2013 crf250r oil/trans oil

Bought a 2013 crf250r not sure what to run and how much to run in both sides of the case please help

What ever brand motorcycle oil your heart desires!  Ive ran Amsoil 10-40 with great results for years. Lots of people like to run Rotella T and have good luck with it.

As for the amount im not 100% since im not around my shop right now but just off the top of my head i want to say 22-23 oz per side. For the engine side thats with a filter change aas well. For the tranny side there is a 10mm bolt you can pull and when oil starts to creep out the hole with the bike standing vertical then its full. As for the engine side use the dip stick and check it with out threading it in. Just touch the threads to the case and remove and check level.

Just dont run a car engine oil with friction modifiers in the tranny side or your clutch will slip and change your oil every 5-6 hrs.

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peanut butter and jelly


IIRC about 750cc in both sides. 

I am running 10w40 and 80w85 trans oil from Lucas

Rotella white bottle is a solid cheap alternative for the pair

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+1 on the previous posts.

on my 05 X Honda recommends the same oil for both sides but I suspect that is to simplify maintenance.

SAE 10W-40, API SG or higher, JASO-MA.

Sugested; Honda GN4, HP4 (wo molybdenum),  or HP4M (w/ molybdenum)

Do not use an oil labeled as energy conserving in the circular API service label


And then for the tranny; the same except no molybdenum.


All of the 10W-40 oils that I'm familiar with are synthetic, which IMO is a good choice for the engine, I'm currently using Rotella T6 in the engine but there are others.

For the tranny/clutch there are more choices if you want a more complicated maintenance routine; ATF is a good choice that a lot of 2T owners use, I use a synthetic Dextron ATF in my Trials bike,  in my X I used T6 (JASO-MA certified) until I installed the Rekluse, then Torco 4T oil (long story about old Honda clutch baskets).


Just be careful that what you put in the tranny is safe for a wet clutch e.g. JASO_MA, NOT energy conserving, no moly.

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