04 WR450 prices

Lakehill in north Mississippi has the 450 advertised for $5499.99. Anyone seen a new 450 cheaper?

$5499 sounds pretty good. About 4 weeks ago one of the dealers in AZ told me the best they could do was $7000 OTD. Of course I decided to pass on that.


In Florida, they are like hen's teeth, hard to find.

I had to pay 6900 OTD and dealer thought I was getting a bargin! He had 3 other people just waiting for me to say

no! :)


I ordered one two weeks ago from Procycle in Columbia Mo.

$5,399 out the door.They said it would be here today,

Haven't heard from them yet.

I'll give them a couple more days and give them a call.

Here's a link.



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