2011 Ktm 350 sxf race tuned! Wanted trail tuned!

Need help with what I need to do to my efi to de tune it! Maybe put 350excf or xcfw mapping?? Any thoughts!

A heavier flywheel and possibly a G2 cam throttle (? maybe wrong brand) the mapping is ok, maybe a JD tuner or USD changing the idle and off idle fuel. I'm not sure though, I have a 450 XCF

Might sound like a dumb question but have you ridden it on the trails? Is it too fast, too much torque, what? What about the rest of the bike, suspension, steering, gearing, etc. has it been tuned for the trails. What kinds of trails: open, tight, hills, roots, rocks, mud, etc. There are so many variables its hard to say what you need. Put everything back to stock and tune from there. KTM and Enduro Engineering make on the fly switchable EFI programmers that give you full or detuned power. Fairly cheap and the best mod I have on my 350 XCF.

That switch on the bar is just for ignition timing not fuel.

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