I posted this in classifieds, but haven't had a bite and I am getting desperate.  2001/2002 are odd years in the WR engine as to stator flywheel configuration.  I need a 01' or 02' WR250F (or WR426) flywheel.  Anyone have one laying around they would part with?  I have a 2000 WR400 stator that I am pretty sure will work, just need the flywheel.



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Have you searched Ebay?

Have you searched Ebay?

Yup...for some reason there is NOTHING there and these bike breakers strip the clutch, flywheel, stator assembly off when they bust up a motor...you would think there would be some around.  I did see one but it was a package deal for the state, flywheel and ECU $420...too much to pay for just a flywheel.  Worst case scenario I can buy a new stock one for $169.

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