cheapest way to rebuild valves?

my 06 crf cupped the valves beyond repair. they cant be adjusted back into spec. still starts with sme effort and runs great oncce started. i want to sell it now but not screw someone over so whats the cheapest way to rebuild my valves? if i were to rebuild and keep it how long could i expect of valve life? sorry for my ignorance im a two smoker guy.

probbably oem valves make sure you get your seats cut


you can probably get close to 100 hours if you're not always bouncing off the rev limiter... I got 80 and may have had dirt getting in the engine

You can expect to spend $500 or so to fix the problem correctly. You will most likely need new valves, new guides, new seals, new springs, & have the seats cut, or replaced if they are too far gone. also need new head gasket, possibly timing chain, piston & rings, cylinder base gasket, and this list could go on & on depending on how many hours on the bike. It might even need a crank.


Or, sell it as is and let the buyer know that it needs those parts. Obviously you will get more money with a running bike. But, if the valves are as bad as you say I'll bet the rest of the bike is probably in need of some TLC as well. we have valve kits for $199.95 And a valve job for $79. If it needs valve guides $10.95 ea and $65 to install and size. Thats $387.75 +Shipping worst case. 

O Sorry forgot $26 for valve stem seals so $413.75 + Shipping worst case. 

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