Renthal Mount question

I have an 89 yz 250, it had a set of 7/8 moose racing bars. Key word had till i cleaned them out, now they are bent three ways from sunday. I just got my new renthal twin walls.


My problem is my bike is so out dated that renthal does not list which mounts will work for my bike i think the latest year for yamaha is 2006 on their web site. i have the bolt dimensions from my last mount


Dia: 12 mm

length (from bottom of mount to last thread on bolt): 68mm


I know they sell replacement bolts in that spec but on the web site they only list a max of 49mm (part number E)


so my question is do they make a bolt long enough to get through my triple clamp


thank you for your time

You don't need a 'Renthal bolt'. You must have about a thousand industrial fastener companies in NYC. Call one of them up, ask if they sell to the public and give them the dimensions. Tell them you want stainless.

I have three different places here in Portland who can fulfill that same task and every one of them will just give me a couple rather than fill out the paperwork for $5 in bolts.

Ya I got an industrial supply store in my town who sells to everyone. They've got bins of SAE & metric stainless hardware

my problem is not finding a bolt, i just dont want to spend 50 dollars on something that doesnt fit to start with,  Im only 15 mins from a fastenal and 30 from hiawatha fasteners. both places in know will have any hardware i need. But if it comes to swaping out bolts ill just buy the pro tapers for 30 dollars .


I mean some one has had to, or at least tried to but 1 1/8" bars on an older yz

I mean some one has had to, or at least tried to but 1 1/8" bars on an older yz

Most that have probably went with the adapters that bolt on over the bottom half of the stock bar mount, and just dealt with the added 20mm of bar height.

Missed that the new bars are not 7/8"

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