Can I swap a stator/ignition from an 86 yz125 to an 87 yz250

I am trying to find a stator or the coils for my 87 yz250 but that has proved challenging at any decent price. I am wondering if I swap all ignition components from an 86 yz125 to my 87 yz250 if that would work. I know they aren't the same part numbers but that's why I wonder about the entire system? I have tried eBay coils and they were so far out of spec that they had no chance of working. I also have tried a universal analog ignition from and that thing sucks. I can't get the bike to fire for more than two revelations and their support has been no help.

Any help that can get me a working setup would be much appreciated. Even if someone has tricks for this joke of an ignition kit to get it working would be great.

I can't find pictures but I could swear I saw some Honda stators that had the same shape coils and looked the same size, I'm open to anything.


Great thanks! I actually went through the entire ignition again and checked all connections and wired in a ground that was very solid and directly hooked to the motor. Fired right up so I think I'm good. Now I just need to figure out why the clutch won't fully engage

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