L to R exhaust manifold/downtube issue

in this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/804212-xr250lr-exhaust-swap/some on says everything works...


in this thread i have the same issues http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/342145-xr250l-to-r-header-swap-question/i have a xr250l and i'm swapping on an 85r manifold. However, the bend for the left side exhaust port going around the frame are not deep enough. It interferes/hits the frame and won't seat properly.


that guy didn't have a whole lot of luck finding anything, but, anyone know whats going on here? there is clearly a deeper bends in certain mainfolds/downtubes/headers and it doesn't even seem to follow any year to year basis. Looking around ebay i can see that certain headers bend around the front of the frame in different ways. Its literally like a inch or two difference in clearance and the way the tube bends around.


(however... i'm pretty frustrated... at this point, as i have like three L headers and one R i'm going to butcher this all up and make a franken header and make it fit.. when all else fails, just weld more metal....)

i kinda hammed up my R header, but, its late, i'm going to take picture tomorrow before and after everything. maybe at least anyone can look out for this in the future.

85R won't work.  Here's what Red Rider posted:


91-95 XR250R mufflers WILL bolt up WITH a 86-95 Header on a 91-96 XR250L, No mods needed.



yep... feel like a dunce. after you said that and i looked around ebay at the various years(just now), there is an obvious change in the design after 85.... hmm. since i most likely have a snowballs chance of selling the thing again, i'm still going to consider doing fab work to make it fit..(plus since i have it i just want to use it). thanks ramz

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