76 Honda Elsinore MR250 need help no spark.

I have a very cherry MR250E but it will not run. It for many years so spray washed the gas tank and got the water and gook out of it. WE then bought another petcock installed that.


The cylinder clean and not pitted


The spark brand new never used.


Carb immaculate as well as it air flow..



Gas flows through the carb no issues it floods easy. Problem is it will not start even pulling start it doesn't work. Everything is work fine on switch . I even replaced the coil to a high performance one. 1 wire on the coil one off the condenser they plug into the same spot in the connector. HELP no spark no even an arc of the spark plug. Suppose to goto sandlake this weekend.i think the old coil was two wire this is one with the condenser



please vintage pros and mechs help me fix this. The  wiring diagram on it hard to trace through all the brackets

I had one years ago so I am sure it has a set of contact points behind the flywheel mounted on the stator. I would start there cleaning the points, then check all ground points to the frame. There is not much that keeps a point ignition from working

I cam build cars, trucks, 4x4s, computers and fix almost anything electronic. But damn this had me stumped. So badly I took it to a guy locally who had awesome reviews on yelp and other places. The whole problem I have been having is getting the exact replacement coil for it. I got one for a 75 MT250Elsi but it will not bolt up and he thinks it will not produce enough spark for a off road endure bike. My points were corroded and clean now but still not firing. He is working on the stator and checking that all out. I did get a generic hi performance one from cycle country but he said it was crap and not the right one. So we are down to spark now. it also seems my tires are crap and will need replacing soon. funny thing he is not trying to sell me anything. I even sourced the coil myself. So now we wait. get spark and hopefully it fires. He did say it seemed low on compression though but lets get it a hot ignition source first. ahh the waiting game.

Post a pic if you can .

ok heres what the mounting holes are suppose to look like http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-Ignition-Coil-12v-XL185-XL-XR-70-75-80-100-125-175-185-200-250-350-/200990363203?hash=item2ecbf58e43&vxp=mtr and this is what the coil looks like. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-IGNITION-COIL-XL100-XL125-XL250-XL350-XL175-CT125-TL125-MT125-MR-175-OEM-/281684821144?hash=item4195b94498&vxp=mtr . It has one wire on the coil and one from the condenser. the mounting holes are much farther apart like the first picture. I bought one of those hi pro orange 6/12v coils from Honda parts and well yeah it doesn't do it. I guess a two stroke needs a ton of spark to fire.

Point ignitions can use a pretty generic 6V input coil. It is CDI ignition that require special dedicated coils so as long as your stator is capable of output and you have a viable coil there is not much keeping it from running

You can get a generic coil from DC Plastics

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