wont kick over

so i recently bought a 1997 RM250. i was riding it with a few friends and because im still a rookie on bikes i fell over going around a birm. when i fell i picked the bike back up put it in nutral and went to kick it...nothing.. it didnt even budge. the bike was running strong, new fuel, new plugs, i took a look and the piston is free and moves fine, but has a little wiggleing room. i can turn it over with a wrench... so do you think this is my crank bearings or could it be something else that has a bigger problem. i looked at the kickstarter as well and its installed correctly but when you try and kick it, it will not budge, rmove the assemly and all that then you can crank the pistion up and down but its pretty difficult and i belive it should flow smoothly.. any ideas?

Did you crash on the right or left side when you fell?


You'll have to pull the right case cover off to see if your kickstart gear or idle gear is broke.


The pic below is a yz450f but I think you get it. (top left corner)



sounds like something on the right side like garage dog stated, at the very least it is the easiest place to start and does not require splitting the cases.

So I wa able to pull the cover off and the kickstarter was fine, but I pulled the stator and flywheel off and it freed right up. Do you guys have any idea why falling could've damaged this so badly?

no idea, only thing i can think of is if your main bearings are worn and have excessive play where when it fell over it jammed something and when you pulled the stator it freed it up.

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