Recommended Youth/Kids Boots

My son is new to riding and we have only been riding in fields (wearing helmet, googles, and gloves), but I'd like to get him some boots so that he can get used to the feel of riding with boots.  


I bought him some Alpinestars Tech 3S youth boots, and then returned them because the buckles seemed like garbage to me (no offense to anyone that likes these boots).  They were unbelievably hard to unbuckle, so much so that the small nibs used to keep the buckles closed were either damaging the mating buckle recess or being sheared off and making the buckle pop open.


Anyway, locals shops here do not have a good selection, so what are your kids using for boots?  Also, I should add, he is not racing, and will not be racing, but later this season I expect that we will move from riding fields to doing some light trail riding.


Thanks for any recommendations.

We have had MSR and 661, they are all hard to buckle when they are new. Give them some time to break in

I bought two of my kids fox comp

5 boots on ebay for less than half of new one's, they are hard to buckle but all my boots, fox and Alpinestars tech 7s were, the only pair that was easy to latch are the gaerne sg10s I got for my 11yr old

Sadly, there isn't a dirt bike boot out there for kids to wear just to play ride. What's out there is heavy, stiff, uncomfortable, with the sort of protection for all out motocross racing. For adults, there's trials bike boots (softest, least protection), there's dual sport boots (medium protection, and waterproof), and then there's MX boots (max protection) that we get to choose from.  I never wear my MX boots for trail riding. I use a dual sport boot b/c I don't need all that stiffness, and heavy ness every time I ride my woods bike. Plus, I need to be able to walk in the woods, push my bike out of mud or tricky stuff if need be. can't do that w/ an MX boot. I've always bought oneil boots for my kids, and they just seemed way too stiff, never able to be broken in during the time the kids stay in one size long enough. Don't have any recommendations, but If you buy oneill brand, you will find out that it's one of the most inexpensive boot out there. That's the big reason why I kept buying them, unfortunately. Price is right.

Thank you all for the replies.  I would have kept the A-Stars if I had paid $50 for them, but no way I'm giving $170 for them after I held them and played with the buckles.


I might try the Fox Comp 5 boots, maybe from Ebay as one poster mentioned.  That seems like a solid idea; kids frequently grow out of stuff before its worn out. A lot of reviews say the Fox boots are pretty flexible.


Thanks again for the help.





170.00 is cheep compared to broken foot or ankles

Forma cougar boots are the best youth boots I've found. The are super comfortable out of the box. Top quality. They will outgrow them before they wear out. Not cheap, but worth it. We have used A-star and fox comp5 boots, and those are junk compared to Forma. Kid wore out the bottom and the ankles rubbed the buckle plastic off in 5-6 months of moderate riding.

FOX comp boots are awesome. My son's are easy to buckle.. but not like my SG10's

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