Beta Xtrainer 300 Forum?

Recently it was asked if we could suck out the Beta Xtrainer 300 into a separate forum. We took the suggested seriously, but ultimately concluded the this wasn't the best course, at least this time. If we sucked all the content from this beta out of the Beta forum in general, it would simply make a small, but growing part of the site less lively. We ran database queries on posting activity, both in total for for topics surrounding the Xtrainer.


I'm posting this b/c I want you guys to know that we do listen to suggestions and want to provide a good service all of you that make TT possible.


We looked at other approaches, but decided that the best course at this time is something that already exists, but something you likely don't use much if at all.


Check this out:


This is a screen shot of the "tag" that can be assigned to any Xtrainer related topics, both by whomever starts the topic or anyone that wants to add it. By tagging the topic, you're telling our system what the topic is about. Then, we can related that topic to other topics tagged the same. If you click the tag, you can then view all content that is about the Xtrainer, in the forums, product review system, articles, etc... If the content is tagged with xtrainer 300, it's all relatable.


How can you help?


Simply tag topics. The more accurately topics are tagged, the easier it becomes to find "other" content for interest.


Glad to see the Beta forum growing! Their bikes look phenomenal and owners seem passionate by the brand. :thumbsup:

Thats a hreat start and thanks Bryan. :thumbsup:

Could not put it in my garage yesterday because of that.

Thats a hreat start and thanks Bryan. :thumbsup:

Could not put it in my garage yesterday because of that.


Yep... Saw your tag request today. :) Thx.

Thanks Brian!

Like the idea!

I agree with keeping the X-T in a single Beta specific forum. A lot of us with a different model are still interested. I like to read about the 4 strokes too.

It's a small community.

IMHO, a Beta is a Beta.  However, it'll make sense to have a 2t and a 4t forums for Beta as many parts can be crossed.

My understanding is the total production this year is around 500 bikes, a very small number.

I wasn't that long ago that the GasGas guys were wanting their own forum. And its what?,one post a week if lucky.

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