Yamaha vs. KTM Suspension

A question about slightly older bikes. The 07+ YZ250 is praised for its suspension. Assuming you were planning a re-valve of the suspension to match your weight (205lbs in my case), is the suspension between an 07-09 KTM 250sx and 07-10 YZ250 really a differentiator if re-valving is taken into account?



KYB wins by far

DaveJ at smartperformance.com 


Chassis setup plays a major part also. Having owned both a 07 YZ250 and a 08 KTM 250SX, the chassis on the YZ is just better package. KTM and their PDS system took a step in the right direction in 07 with the new chassis but really started to shine in 2011 models where the shock wasn't directly attached to the frame. Having both machines revalved, the YZ just felt better overall...

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I love my KYB fitted 300sx.

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2 ends of the spectrum kyb at the top

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