2015 YZ250f gearing changes?

I'm looking to hear what people have done and liked/hated about any gearing changes.

I only have about 6 hours on it and think it's amazing.

However, I'm curious to know if anyone has changed to a smaller rear sprocket.

It feels like I could easily go down two teeth to help me run 3rd and 4th gear a bit longer.

I've played a bunch with my '11's gearing, but with the new fuel injection and motor things are definitely different.



Stock the bike will easily pull 49 and 48 teeth, trying a 47 next but some of my riding is fairly open desert with some very tight single track sections. Of course your conditions will play into what works best for you. Also experimenting with rear tire sizes in search of traction.

I'm running 14/49 no problem. It will pull 5th down sand washes. Spreads the gears out nicely.

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