Fastways don't clearance bolt!

I just bought the Fastway Evo III pegs for my 2006 yz250 to run in the lowboy setting 


They don't fit! The lower adjuster hits the bottom bracket bolt. Called Fastway and they said, "yep we have a note here that the pegs won't work in lowboy on the aluminum frame YZs"


Pretty bummed to say the least - 


Does anyone know of another lowered peg that will work on the 2006+ YZs?


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Figured out a way to modify my mounting brackets -


Will countersink the bracket hole (82 degree)


Then buy flat head mounting bolts


This should create a flush bracket surface so the peg adjuster can sit flush against the bracket




Pegs from an 08 YZ450F. I have them on my bike. They sit lower and a little farther back. I think they are supposed to be -5mm. 

Did the '08 450F pegs on my old YZ.  Worked fantastic.  There's a thread somewhere about flipping the bracket and doing some dremel work too, and dropped them about a full inch, which is a lot.  I thought it was awesome on that bike since it's already tall.

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