had this bike for a while, finally decided to do something about it.

starting in the middle/actual rebuild, tore everything down and bagged and labeled with all major bolts in drawn and labeled cardboard cutouts.

needed new camshaft and rockers, sent to XRs Only for machine and hot cam fitting, done my research for a long while and I believe this to be my best option, vs. welding and grinding or trying to find an original cam in good condition.

need all the standard complete rebuild stuff

bored honed piston even a new connecting rod

clutch plates + springs

valves, guides et.


depending on specs some other big things,

'basically anything readily available to replace.


where I'm at

sent the valve cover to XRs only for cam and to progress the top end,

examining other parts, need to get measurement tools.


so my plan is to get going and post pictures with a decent digital canon 12.1 mega pixel and see what you guys think!

the guys here at thumper talk really know what they're talking about so I look forward to hearing what you have to say!!








left side crank case




hole warn through to the otherside




another hole




three alltogether you can see two here




other side of left case




hole on the other side.


holes seem to be warn from crank bearing

cases gasket mating surface is good and level.

do i need a new left crank case? or can i have a shop weld and grind?

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I have a left side from a 1985 that I have decided not to use. I will sell it to you for cheaper than EBay has them for. Message me if interested.

Good luck on the build. I'll be following. Keep track of costs so I know what to prepare for. I'm thinking about doing it to my '86 but need to finish an '83 XL first.

no thanks, i need only advice right now

also looking for advice on clutch kits, piston kits, crankrod sets, etc. which brands are bet for the price etc. i dont plan on really digging out my cylinder, just to the next size.

If you look at a Honda parts fich for the crankshaft you will see a plate that goes between the crank bearing and the case. The item is called Main Bearing Plate, # 11215-MG2-000 and costs about $6.00. Install the plate on reassembly and don't worry about that hole.

If you look at a Honda parts fich for the crankshaft you will see a plate that goes between the crank bearing and the case. The item is called Main Bearing Plate, # 11215-MG2-000 and costs about $6.00. Install the plate on reassembly and don't worry about that hole.

Wouldn't it leak oil? Jb weld it?

Leak oil to where? It is a wet stator.

OK, now I understand, thank you for the enlightenment.   :o  

thanks guys! mcma11, i ordered all the crank bearings and oil seals a couple months ago and ordered that part just because i thought i should replace it. lucky me, no new crank case and better oil flow?! haha you guys are great thanks!


currently letting one of the carbs soak in carb cleaner in a bucket and dip system  i got at napa, pretty cool little thing. it was a bit hefty at $26.00 for the gallon but i can reuse the bucket and little dipping basket which is nice.


should i get new jets maybe? ill see how these ones are and post picks later. already have new gaskets for both carbs of course.


Thanks again! look forward to finishing this $%*%&!#ing pig

just purchased xrs only falicon knife connecting rod kit. it will be the biggest expense but worth the longevity of the engine, as i will not be boring too big so in the future when i bore another size i will be able to get a stage two cam possibly and a piston that suites and the falicon rod will be able to take the load.

just weld it

:ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride: :ride:

i have no welding experience so to avoid messing anything up and since oil leaking isn't an issue, providing the the cam bearing still has a tight fit, i think I'm just going to use the bearing plate and call it good. how would i benefit by welding those tiny holes?

got my crank rod in the mail. taking the case and the crank and bearings to the local honda shop tomorrow to have that all done with. one carb cleaned the other is soaking. i have some of the oil seals for the crank case but i need to find a difinitive list of all of them. parts fiches and my clymer and honda shop manuals i assume.

bumpity. measured transmission, all within spec, whoever tore into this engine before hand put gear c1 on backwards preventing it from fully engaging the m1 gear i assume, hopefully i just solved my transmission issue, forks within spec and drum looks good, bushings within spec on counter shaft but worn down enough to warrent new ones

I'd check thrust on the crank. Looks to me like the bearings may have spun in the cases wearing away at them into casting porosity resulting in those holes. If thrust is good ignore the holes and keep assembling. If you're going to install a Hotcam you are far better off replacing the rocker box assembly with an 88 or later XR600 piece. The early rocker box needs serious work to fit the late rockers in and a Hotcam can't run early rockers..

Thanks for the good advice! Ill look into the thrust. I had the head cover machined. Xrs only took a bit out of the cover to allow newer rockers. That's how they manage to get the hotcams to fit. The special comes with the one rocker that needs replaced (i can't remember which one) but i got all new rocker arms just because i needed them anyways.

Came time to paint the frame too soon. I know this is a very kicked dead horse but...color suggestions? I cant decide, stock or something else.

Such a pain. Masterpro paint stripper, cloth, and a rotozip with a wire brush insert. Thinking i might diy soda blaster for all the little bits/ nooks and crannies.

Bike needs to be finished by the last weekend of july.




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